The Oversize Vertebral Column

Being both a stable and flexible structure at the same time, the vertebral column keeps our body upright and allows us to make several kinds of movements. Its S-shaped structure provides suspension and secure balance. It consists of 33 vertebrae with particular tasks according to their position.

The intervertebral discs function as shock absorbers while we turn, jump or carry loads. The vertebral column houses and protects the sensitive spinal cord in its spinal canal. The stability of the entire spinal cord is ensured by a complicated system of ligaments, muscles and intervertebral discs.

The Vertebral Column Shows

The model gives information about the structure and functioning of the vertebral column as well as information on the causes, the course of the disease and the treatment of vertebral disorders and intervertebral disk diseases. Opening the vertebral body facilitates gaining insight into four disease stages: the metastases of breast and prostate cancer, operational implementation of a grid block up to the successful treatment with appropriate medicine.