The Walk-In Prostate Model

The prostate, also called the prostate gland, is a chestnut-size organ situated under the urinary bladder around the neck of the male urethra. Its main function consists in producing a secretion for transporting and activating sperm.

Besides, not only the prostate and the internal sphincter muscle of urethra function to prevent reflux of seminal fluids into the male bladder during ejaculation. But the gland also prevents urine reaching the seminal ducts while passing urine. Around the age of 20, the organ is fully developed and stretched to normal size.

The Prostate Model Shows

The model presents the prostate, a chestnut-size gland in reality, in its fine interplay with the surrounding organs urinary bladder, urethra and pelvic floor. The prostate gland can be clearly observed under the bladder enclosing the urethra fist-like. Furthermore, the visitor can experience and palpate the most common clinical pictures of the prostate, the benign prostatic enlargement (called adenoma or benign prostatic hyperplasia – BPH)  and the prostatic cancer (carcinoma).