The Walk-In Heart Model

The heart is one of the most fascinating and important organs in the human body shaped as a fist-like rounded cone. Its tip points toward the lower left front.

It consists of two separate cavity systems – the left and right ventricles and atria. The left ventricle has a thicker vascular wall owing to supplying the body’s circulation system (and thus demanding a greater performance).

The Heart Model Shows

The model shows the heart anatomically upright and can be entered through the left or right ventricle. On the left ventricle exterior the visitor can follow and palpate the myocardium moving and contracting during a heartbeat and can hear heart murmurs. In the left ventricle the natural heart valve was replaced by an artificial aortic valve. Opening the mitral valve, one can see above into the left atrium where a defect in the atrial septum is placed. In the right ventricle, the tricuspid valve is exhibited next to a natural pulmonary valve which can be opened.