The Oversize Breast Model

The female breast (lat. mamma) is situated under the skin on the pectoralis major and minor muscles, extending from the level of the second rib to the level of the sixth rib. Changes in the breast cause concerns for numerous women. Is anything “unlike normal”, they often discover it first, e.g. when applying moisturizer, bathing or self-examining. Pathological changes of the breast can be traced by systematic self breast and skin exam, ultrasonographic or mammographic screening, magnetic resonance imaging and biopsy.

The Breast Model Shows

Benign Changes

The breast model can be opened vertically and displays modification in connective tissue on the right side, e.g. fibroadenoma, which are round, smooth and with clearly defined edges. The model includes how microcalcification accumulates in the tissue. These “seats” appear as white spots in X-ray and indicate restructuring tissue.

Malign Changes

The model also allows identifying malign changes, e.g. cysts or sentinel lymph nodes, The latter being placed in the upper, outer quarter of the breast, towards the armpit.

Naturally, this is the place with the most glandular tissue. The state of the sentinel lymph nodes (healthy or diseased) fundamentally determines diagnosing with and subsequently treating breast diseases. The findings in the sentinel lymph nodes suggest further statements about metastasising in tumour-like tissue. Furthermore, the breast model visualizes breast cancer.